Consultations are currently not available in the ophthalmology, dermatology and dentistry department.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept any walk-in patients in the orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery as these departments are available by appointment only.

Medical Departments
 General internal medicine・Infectious disease  Diabetes ・ Endocrinology  Nephrology  Hematology
 Pulmonary oncology  Neurology  Cardiology  Pulmonary medicine  Gastroenterology
 Breast ・ Endocrine Surgery  Gastroenterological Surgery  Neurosurgery  Cardiovascular surgery
 Orthopedics  Prosthetic center  Plastic surgery  Thoracic surgery  Pediatrics
 Obstetrics and gynecology  Urology  Otorhinolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery  Oral surgery
 Radiology  Anesthesiology  Rehabilitation  Emergency Department  Trauma & Critical Care
 International Medical Care

Collaborating departments
 Infectious Disease Center  Heart Center  Rheumatoid Arthritis Center  Rehabilitation Center
 Health Care Center(Private check-up/Health Check-up)  Radiation Therapy  Cancer Care Center
 Speech & Hearing Support Center  Nutrition Management Center  Functional Trauma Center
 Rinku Wellness Research Center  Patient Support Center

Central Clinical Divisions
 Pharmacy  Radiological Technology  Examination department  Ultrasonography Section
 Clinical Engineering  Operating Room