Frequent Asked Questions about outpatient appointment:
1. What departments can I visit?
Please see: consultation schedule
If you are looking for a hospital in Osaka, please see: “Osaka Medical Facilities Information”
Consultation can be provided in Japanese and English.
2. What time can I consult?
Please see: registration time
3. Can I see a doctor without a referral?
It depends on the department you are visiting.
Certain departments require a referral or by appointments only. We advise you to contact us before you come in.
Aside from the treatment fee, an elective fee is charged to patients without a referral letter.
4. Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, major credit cards are accepted.
Accepted credit cards.
5. Is there an ATM inside the hospital?
Yes, there is a UFJ bank ATM on the 2nd floor.
There is also an E-net bank partner ATM inside the Family Mart Convenience Store located on the 2nd floor of the Washington Hotel which is just across the hospital.
6. How can I ask for a medical interpreter?
You can use our interpreter service without making a prior appointment. Just simply ask for it at the general information counter on the 2nd floor. The service is free of charge during the time of interpreter availability. However, wait time may arise when the interpreter is attending multiple patients at the same time.
7. Can I consult in any department when the interpreters are on duty?
Some departments require a prior appointment. Also, there are departments which are closed on certain days of the week. We recommend that you check the availability with us in advance.
For inquiries, please feel free to contact the International Medical Department
 E-mail :
 Telephone: 072-469-3111
Check-in time for the obstetrics and gynecology department is until 11:30 am. Other departments are until 11:00 am only.
8. How much does a consultation cost?
Medical fees are calculated with respect to the hospital rules and Japanese Insurance System. An estimate of a medical bill can be presented upon request.
9. Do you have a private health check-up (Ningen Dock)?
①If you are a foreigner living abroad, please see this.
②If you are a resident with a Japanese health insurance, please see this.