Patient's Rights and Responsibilities

Declaretion on Patient's Rights

1. Right to Competent Medical Care
You shall be provided with quality and competent medical care without any kind of discrimination.
2. Right to Information
You shall be informed of your diagnosis, results of medical examination, and prognosis.
3. Right to a Full Explanation
You shall be given adequate explanation on examinations, treatment, illness, and necessary medical costs.
4. Right to Choice of Care
You can decide to receive or refuse to receive examinations or treatment.
You can choose or change your hospital.
You can have the right to receive a second opinion from other doctors in any stage of medical care.
5. Rights in Relation to Your Information
You can request medical information on your condition.
Your personal information will not be made available to any third party without your permission.
6. Responsibility for Your Own Health
In order to provide you with more effective treatment, we request information about matters relating to your health and we hope that you will have positive attitude toward treatment.
7. Considerate Behavior Toward Other Patients
We make it possible that every patient has nondiscriminatory access to our medical service. We hope you understand this and abide by our Center's rules. Thank you.